Martham - Appointments

On normal working days reception is open from 8:00am to 5:30pm (or 6:30pm) during this time you are able to book appointments for any of our Doctor or Nurse Clinics.

For the Doctors appointments you have the following options:-

  1.  You may book an appointment in advance, normally up to two weeks.
  2. A large percentage of our appointments can be booked on the day for conditions that need to be seen where a pre-booked appointment is not appropriate.

Appointments are also offered for a telephone consultation with your Doctor when a face to face consultation is not necessary i.e. reporting back on an ongoing condition where examination is not necessary, a query with medication, request for a sick note etc.

Where possible we will book you an appointment with your preferred GP at your registered site; If your problem is more urgent, this may not always be possible and you will be offered an appointment with one of the other GPs within the surgery.

You can book an appointment online; to do this you will need a specific passcode to enter the system. If you would like to use this facility, please speak to a member of our reception team for the details. If you already have your passcode, click here to book your appointment.

The doctors will try their best to give enough time to each patient but if, for example, two members of one family try to be seen in a single appointment, other patients will be kept waiting. So please make an appointment for each person wishing to be seen.

There is usually only time to deal with one problem during a routine appointment If you think that your problem may take longer please inform our Reception Staff so that allowances can be made for this.

We offer additional evening appointments on a Tuesday at Hemsby and Thursday at Ormesby surgeries. These appointments MUST be booked in advance