Confidentiality, Information & Data Sharing

We take your confidentiality, your personal information and the protection of your medical record very seriously.  So does the NHS, every organisation and everybody involved in your care.

1. NHS Data Collection: all patients are automatically included

This national initiative, developed by NHS England and managed by NHS Digital (formerly Health and Social Care Information Centre), is designed to collect patient identifiable data from different healthcare providers (such as GPs, hospitals and community services) and bring it all together in one place. The purpose of this is intended to help the NHS design and develop future health care services and provided joined up information with regard to how patients are treated and managed between different NHS organisations. Anonymised data (data that CANNOT identify you) may also be used for research purposes.

The NHS and NHS Digital (formerly HSCIC) have provided information which we would recommend our patients read.  You can also call their helpline on 0300 303 5678.

All patients are by default opted in to this data extract but patients do have a choice. If you want to opt out, after reading the information from the NHS and NHS Digital, please click hereGP surgeries can no longer set your personal opt out preferences.

You can also download these helpful resources:

2. Summary Care Record

Summary Care Record (SCR) is an electronic record of important information about a patient's health and contains information about current medications, allergies and any bad reactions to medicines. Additional information may be added over time if a patient gives their consent.

Summary Care Records are especially useful if you visit a different doctor or hospital in the evening, in an emergency or at the weekend, or if you are away from home.

You can also phone the Summary Care Record Information Line on 0300 123 3020.

The Practice is participating in the Summary Care Record and patients who have not opted out will currently have a Summary Care Record.

You can opt out (or in) by completing and returning this form to reception, and you can change your preference at any time.

You have the right to confidentiality. Your medical condition will not be discussed outside this Practice except to other relevant Health Care Professionals, when necessary. If you wish to know any test results you must telephone in person. Staff will not give out test results to friends/relatives/partners. If you wish another person to collect your test results we must have this in writing at the time the test is taken. Please be prepared to answer any relevant security questions.

3.  Enhanced Data Sharing Model (EDSM)

The medical record computer system that we use across our Practice is called SystmOne and is widely used in this area and across England.  This system gives the facility to share your electronic healthcare record with other health providers involved in your care, using the "Enhanced Data Sharing Model" (or EDSM).  Your medical health record includes your medical history, details about your medication and any allergies that you may have.

You can choose whether to share these full medical details with other healthcare providers (for example district nurses or walk-in centres).

Many other healthcare organisations use SystmOne, including other GP practices, out of hours services, children's services, community services and hospitals.

Sharing your health record will help us deliver the very best level of care for you.

To help you understand this data sharing model and to make the right choice, there is a guide that you can download.  Within this data sharing model, you have two choices which allow you to control how your record is shared.  You can change these choices at any time by completing and returning this form to reception.

Sharing Out

This controls whether the information we hold about you as a GP Practice can be shared with other NHS sanctioned care services where you are receiving care.

Sharing In

This controls whether you agree for us to view information you have agreed to share (out) at other NHS sanctioned care services where you are receiving care.

sharing_modelHere’s an Example

Imagine you are receiving care from three services: us, your GP; a district nurse and a smoking clinic.  You want us and the district nurse to share information with each other and you want both of them to know your progress at the smoking clinic.  However, you don't want the smoking clinic to see any of your other medical information.

Your sharing choices at each place would be:

  • We can share IN and OUT
  • The district nurse can share IN and OUT
  • The smoking clinic cannot share IN, so cannot see our GP or the district nurse information above, but can share OUT, thus sharing their information with us and the district nurse to both be able to view.


  1. In very exceptional circumstances your information may be shared without your permission, for example if your life is at risk.
  2. A parent can give consent to share a child’s record.  This will be recorded as “Consent Not Asked” and “parental consent given” noted as the reason why the record was shared.
  3. Vaccinations will be shared regardless of whether there is a consent to share or not.

4.  Phone Calls

To assist with training and quality, we may record any phone call, made to or from the Practice.